Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a little idea...

We have about eight birthdays this month, and countless birthday parties to attend too.  I am trying to make gifts this month to save a little money.  This is what I came up with:

Birthday Apron

I made the apron with some fabric that I had laying around.  I add a cake or brownie mix, a little recipe and WA-LA;  a baking kit.

I love gifts like this.  I really like consumable presents, and then I don't have to find a home for it in the midst of my already too cluttered house.


The aprons were easy.  It took me about 2 hours to make 5.  There are many patterns out there.  I made mine up.  Just a simple square of fabric with a few pleats and a long tube for the tie.  I made a simple pocket with a monogram.  I used my zig zag stitch for that.  Then I used bias-tape to outline the pocket.  SIMPLE SIMPLE.

I hope our friends will enjoy a day in the kitchen making a goodie.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My New Life

I hope you've had an opportunity to watch this video. I love Stephanie's example of faith and love. She truly is an example to me. While the pain I face during my recovery from the massive tumors that used to fill my neck and chest, it is nothing like hers. I still have bad days and probably always will. Even with the limitations I face, I am grateful for the opportunity to still be around to be a mother to my children. I too am grateful for My New Life. I am grateful to have such an example as Stephanie and I feel for her. Going through so much as a young mother is challenging! I've always struggled with my self-esteem but I came to know from my suffering that I was not my cancer, I was not what I looked like or what I could do. At times I didn't even have the strength to hold my new born son even with the support of a boppy pillow. But I learned through a confirmation from the Lord that I was a daughter of God. And this past week I received another little life line for my self esteem. I am a mother, I am a part of Heavenly Father's plan of Happiness. And then at my husband's great aunt's funeral the preacher (she was presbyterian) said that her life was a manifestation of Christ's love for her family and friends. We as mothers, daughters, friends - are we living so that we are a manifestation of Christ's love for others. And so I march on, knowing that Heavenly Father needs me and you in His great plan of Happiness...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Have you heard?

I received this from my Mother-In-Law

Take a look at #4 -and I checked - there are almost as many dislikes (over 4,000) as there are likes. Let us work together, put your shoulder to the wheel, etc! Make a small but positive difference.

Dear friends,

On May 3, 2010 (perhaps as part of your Family Home Evening program) if all reachable members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints--and any non members interested-- would follow the link and watch the YouTube video of Jeffrey R. Holland bearing testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, we could potentially achieve promoting that video to the YouTube homepage, based on volume of views.


1 increased views - multiples views by one viewer count
2 comments - the more comments, the more valuable Youtube sees your video. Comments almost carry as much weight as views.
3 favorites - everyone needs to "favorite" the video.
4 thumbs up - **please take special care to do this as a group of individuals have banned together to "thumbs down" and this can negatively affect the popularity of the video.
5 subscriptions - daily subscriptions have a major impact on popularity. This also has longterm impact on the future videos coming to the channel because they will get emails from Youtube letting them know when MormonMessages posts new stuff.
6 reshare - post the video as a link on your profiles bearing testimony, and also make comments after friends' link so that it shows up in the news feeds, post to blogs and twitter. The more activity surrounding the video the more attention it will receive.

The repercussions of this could be great. YouTube reports:

YouTube Stats (US)
(comScore MediaMetrix April 2009)

"The YouTube Homepage is the highest-profile placement on the site... eleven million unique visitors a day in the US [and] 89.7 Million unique monthly visitors."

The exposure that the Book of Mormon could receive in one day is astronomical. Please keep in mind though, while it is ideal that this video be promoted to the homepage, it is the spirit felt from the message wherein the success lies.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints blessed with the knowledge contained in the Book of Mormon I seek to share with the world what I know to be true; what I know to bring happiness and hope in the times of travail; what I know to be the word of God.

For this challenge May 3 is calculated anytime in the 24 hour time period between 12 am to 11:59:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (for those participating from different time zones), but viewing before and after the event is helpful as well. Please invite both member and non-member alike to feel of the Spirit this message carries, mark your calendars and gather round in your families, wards and stakes and join me, May 3.

All my best,

Erin Jakob