Thursday, June 4, 2009

Articles of Faith Candy (not candy bar) Wrapper

I wanted to share the Candy wrapper (notice this is not a candy bar wrapper - it's for things like Gobstoppers, Runts, Nerds, etc) I made for the children in our ward who memorize The Articles of Faith.

So feel free to print, cut, wrap, and glue them to your own candy boxes. If you share this - please give credit where it is due. Fonts are Autumn Leaves HairBrained, Arial, and Arial Black. It is 5.85 x 10 inches and I used Adobe photoshop and Illustrator to design it.

We want to help the children in our ward memorize all 13 and they can earn a box of candy once a year when they pass them off. We are trying to have the children do this without competing with each other. Pass them off without other children around probably. But we want to give them an incentive. We have a struggling ward with wonderful people in it who just need a little boost. Life is, well, life.

Here is my example:


Stephanie said...

These are very cute, thanks for doing the work and then sharing!

Christal said...

I love this! This is a great non-competive incentive that I want to use! Thanks for sharing your work.

~Shari said...


Lindsay and Mike said...

How stinkin' cute are those?!? Way to go!