Saturday, January 30, 2010

Memory Keeping

Recording our Memories is such an important commandment.  We have been asked to keep records since the beginning of time.

Our family has a new fun way to record our memories. 

We have 4 children, but only one that can read and write.  This is our way to record our history.

Here is what we are doing:


I found this cute little file box.  I put an index card in there for every day of the year.

Each night at dinner time, we write something on our card.

ie: January 24th:  Today we blessed Tessa.

Then next year on January 24th, we will read the card and add to it.

Memories 1

If we miss an evening, we do it at breakfast or lunch for the previous day.

This is so simple, but a great way to record the everyday happenings.

It also teaches our children the importance of record keeping.


Lindsay and Mike said...

What a great idea! I love that it is so simple!

snbjork said...

That's an awesome idea, I love it! I bet I could find a similar file box at Hobby Lobby. Thank you for sharing!