Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Bonnet Tutorial

My friend Malauna marches to the beat of her own drummer. I first met her not long after she had broken up with the guy that several of my roommates were secretly in love with. We all thought she was crazy. (She later married him! :)

Anyway, she happens to be very talented, and when she decided she wanted a bonnet for her soon-to-be-born new baby, well, she just sat down and made one.

Then, when I asked her how, she posted a great tutorial on how to make these sweet baby bonnets. How great a friend is that?!


I can't wait to try it!


Click here to see her post. Don't forget to thank her! :)


Shelly Beth said...

I found this site through sugardoodle while looking for FHE lessons using Preach My Gospel. Do you have any more to post? I dowloaded what you have, but some are still missing. I had a chance to look through the rest of your blog and it is GREAT! Already motivating me to do better and help my kids do better to!

Michelle said...

Hi, Shelly.
It is now 3 years after you left the comment, and perhaps your children are grown!, but check the archive page again ( for any new ones. I do hope to keep posting, but it is averaging about 1 per year right now. I'm loving life! :)
Hope you are well.