Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gift Ideas

One of our Ward Enrichment Groups is called the 'Get R' Done' Group. The ladies that want to come are able to bring their unfinished projects that are piling up in a little corner of their home (..or maybe that is just me), and we all sit and visit while we get them done! I have recently started hosting them and we are going to have an optional craft every other month. Those who don't want to make the project can still come and visit and bring their own projects.
These shoes are a fun craft project that we are making next month. It's an optional project, and those whom don't want to make them will still bring their own unfinished projects. I have made many of these and given them away as part of a baby shower gift. I have made some for my son and used leather from an old purse for the bottom so they would last longer, as he started walking. You can get the pattern by going to this blog stardustshoes. They are fun and easy to make, and once you get the hang of it they only take about 15 minutes! They are definitely a money saver as many baby shoes cost $10+.. and before you blink the baby has grown out of them. I made a coordinating onesie with a tie and some burp cloths to match! They were a hit! Hope this idea helps and you have fun making them!


Andrea said...

Great idea Ashlee. Thannks for taking over Get R Done for me, and being so successful with it. It sounds like I left it in great hands. You are so creative.

Michelle said...

Those are SO CUTE! And easy enough that *I* might even be brave enough to try them. :) Thanks for posting it!

wonder woman said...

We do the same activity called "Sit n chat n finish that" that *I* head up. Too funny. I hadn't thought of doing a craft for people who just want to come but have nothing to do. (What would that be like, to have NO unfinished projects lying about?!)

Way cute shoes and onesie!

Love this blog, too.