Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Eternal Family - Primary Theme

This year I was blessed to be called as the Secretary in the Primary. I am really enjoying it, to my surprise. I spent a few terrible months in a few out of control and extremely large nursery classes about 8 or 9 years ago. Although Junior Primary is spent participating in crowd control, it's still a fun environment. I love the women I am serving with. The stake has made it clear that they do not want any competition whatsoever. I can see why. The CTR 7's and 8's are really quiet and would get to go to class first, every single Sunday. They've been in school a couple of years and are better at self mastery. So as a Presidency, we wanted a sign for each class, then we could mix them up and excuse them quietly using the signs. I couldn't find anything at the distribution center that was the right size so I used a photo of our own. If you want them, here they are. They are 8x10s. Just print them in color on a glossy paper, trim, and adhere to 8.5x11 cardstock. Then have them laminated. They'll last you all year. The photo is by Tyler Vanderbeek - so if you share these, give credit please!


Lindsay and Mike said...

Those are darling! I served in Primary for almost 5 years straight...BEST CALLING EVER!!!

Andrea said...

Awesome. You are so talented.