Saturday, November 15, 2008

Easy Belts for Kids!

I love getting hand-me-downs for our son. Since clothes can be costly (especially on a student budget) we greatly appreciate, have, and continue to receive them from a few different neighbors (thank you), then we use and pass them on to someone else! At this age they grow out of clothes so quick that the clothes are usually still in great shape. Since he is between sizes right now, all of his pants are a little bit too big, but I don't want to buy any either because he already has so many. I have been looking everywhere for a belt that would fit my little guy (18 months) and finally decided to make some. Even if I had found ANY, they probably would have cost $8-$10. These were VERY inexpensive ($2 I think) and SO quick to make. Hooray! Now we can keep the pants up!

I found the belt loops at Jo-Anns. The buckles were in the 'make your own purse' section, but they were the smallest I could find in the store and a perfect size for a little guy, or gal! I used a crop-a-dile for setting the eyelets in the belt for the buckle holes. The other buckles are in the buckle section. Hope you can use this idea!

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