Monday, November 3, 2008


I just spent the last 2 hours researching the candidates and issues to solidify my opinions before I go stand in line to vote tomorrow. My research was quite depressing. Taxes, education, healthcare, the economy. All these words put a pit in my stomach. I was reminded why I avoid thinking too much about politics, but I know it is important to be informed and exercise our agency by voting.

After wallowing in my misery, I watched the slide show previously posted about Christ and His life. My perspective immediately changed as I was reminded of our Savior and the Plan of Happiness. I know our prayers are answered by a loving Heavenly Father. We are watched over and loved. What a comfort that is during these stressful times. What really matters is that we love one another and ease one another's burdens, just as the Savior did. I'm grateful for the Eternal Perspective the gospel of Jesus Christ give us. May we do those things daily that remind us to keep an eternal perspective!


Andrea said...

That is such a wonderful post. I have too been thinking about how depressing it is, but I have come to realize that it doesn't need to be. We as faithful members really have nothing to fear. I am thankful to have the beliefs I do. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Beautiful! I ♥ your blog! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!

CompleteLee Blogger said...

I thought the same thing. It is always nice to have reminders that the Lord is in charge!