Thursday, October 2, 2008

Love It

Hello to all. My name is Stephanie and I'm a new contributor to this blog. I am also Jennifer's little sister. She told me about your blog and after a couple of times of oohing and awing over it, I asked to join. Lately I've been feeling like my spirituality is lacking and this has been so uplifting for me to read every one's posts and help me "focus" on the important things in life. So with that a BIG thank you to all. I'm so excited to be apart of this blog.

I've been wanting to make a post all week but for some reason, I get so nervous when I think about it. So today I just told myself I must do it!! I'm a Christmas FANATIC!! Jenn can back me up on that one. Christmas music is played in my house ALL YEAR. I was thinking all week of our Christmas traditions and realizing that we are still in the "beginning stages" with our traditions since our kids are so little. One that I have carried over to my children from my childhood is a new ornament every year. I LOVE the post below about having a picture/story book to go along with them. Every year when I was growing up, we'd have a new ornament in our stocking. I was always so excited to see which one I got and when I moved out, I was able to take all them with me and now my kids enjoy seeing "mommies" ornaments. I loved that my first Christmas as a young married and BROKE gal, that my tree had some pretty cool ornaments on it. So, I decided when we started having kids to carry on that tradition but I changed it up a little. Each year, once I put the tree up (I'd have it up now if I could) I'd take them to the store and they got to pick which ornaments they wanted. I get the biggest kick out of what each of my children pick and they LOVE being able to see their ornament all Christmas season. Any one who walks through our door, my daughter makes sure to take them over to the Christmas tree and show them her ornaments. I also buy one for me and my husband because when the day comes that my kids are grown up and have taken their ornaments with them, we still have ours.

Well I guess I got over my nerves because that was a pretty long post. Thanks for letting me be apart of this and sharing just a bit of my life.


Andrea said...

I am so happy to have you as a part of our blog. Thank you for your post.

Jennifer said...

Fanatic-to say the least! Welcome Steph.

Angela said...

That's a great idea!