Sunday, September 14, 2008

In your prayers...

I just wanted to mention that Krysta, one of our contributors, lives in the Houston area. I wanted to let you all know that they are fine. They stayed home because they were an hour North(I think) of the storm. Their leaders asked them to stay put, so not to clog up the roads any more. There home, and belongings survived, and they were well prepared. We need a lesson from her. She is so on the ball when it comes to preparedness.

Also, Jennifer's family lives in the Houston area as well. Everyone is safe and sound. I just thought it would be nice if we could pray for these families.

What they need right now is power. They are saying 10 days at least to restore power. I am praying that all will restored to normal as soon as possible. If that can't happen, I am praying that their families can find this to be a bonding time, and that the kids won't get to crazy. Just imagine being stuck inside without power, and 3 small children. What are you going to do all day?;for ten days? AHHH!!!

We are thinking of your family Jennifer. We are also thinking of you Krysta, and we can't wait until that power comes back on so we can read all about it.

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Eileen said...

Prayers? You got it. And Lindsay, I LOVED your post about moms! With only my 19 year old baby left at home, being a mom isn't quite as stressful as it was a number of years ago. And I'm so thankful I contributed to that pension plan you mentioned! :) My 4 perfectly beautiful grandchildren make me wish I'd had 10 kids! Not really. But kinda.