Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tune In!!!

In one of my latest posts, I was able to do a short spotlight on myself... each contributor will take a turn doing this. In it, I mentioned that we lived on an Island in the Caribbean. We lived there for two years, and we loved it so much. So... I wanted to share that the food network will be there tomorrow night. I thought it may interest some of you to see the amazing place that we spent two years. Emily(one of our contributors) also spent two years there as well. In fact, they have only been home from Saba since April.

On the show, Alton Brown is traveling around and tasting some of the local flair on these Caribbean islands. Tonight, he was on St. Kitts(an island we visited while living there, and then St. Barths(the island we dreamed of visiting, but never got too)
Lets just say after watching it tonight... I am HOMESICK!!! I am a little worried about how I will feel after watching it tomorrow, and seeing our Home Away from Home.

Anyways, if you would like to see a little taste of where Emily and I spent two years of our life, tune in!! It is on the Food Network 9pm central time, Sunday night. The show is called Feasting on Waves.

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Emily said...

What a great picture of Saba! That photo must have been taken on one of the two days out of the year that the top of Mount Scenery is clear and not covered in clouds! I'm excited to watch it! I wonder what locals we'll see . . .